Friday, May 20, 2011

How it All Began

It has been so amazing learning about the food we eat and where it comes from.  I used to think it was so simple.  Beef and dairy products came from cows.  Fruits and vegetables came from farms.  Eggs and chicken came from, well, chickens.  How much more do you need to know? 
God has had me on an interesting road lately.  It started with a blog post entitled "Traditional Womanly Arts for Austere Times" my mom sent me back in March.  I read it and thought, "I'd love to do all of that if only I had the time."  And then proceeded to put a hold on all the books listed in the post that they had at the library. 
My Mom asked if there were any in particular I was interested in, and I mentioned the Better Basics for the Home, party because it was the only one they didn't have at the library.  Wouldn't you know, it showed up at my door a few days later :).  I dove into it and, while it was a little more on the "green" side than I tend to be, I was fascinated by the idea that pretty much anything household product(cleaning products, toiletries, etc.) could be made at home, cheaply and simply without any chemicals.  This got me to thinking more about what we put into our bodies.  Are we really eating food the way God intended it?  Are we really eating food? 
Another author that intrigued me from the post was Joel Salatin.  As I looked him up at the library, I noticed his name associated with Food Inc.  This movie had been on my radar, but I had avoided watching it because I liked going to McDonald's.  Well, I guess it was time.  I sat down and watched it one night and I was shocked.  I knew bits and pieces of the information they shared, and I took most of it with a grain of salt realizing that the shock value was probably more than the average reality, but this really opened my eyes to what we were eating.
I started learning all I could about Real food.  Bread, milk, eggs, vegetables and fruits, meat, the more I learned, the more I realized how little I knew.  I shared what I had been learning with my husband, and while he may have thought I was going a little overboard, he was supportive of my efforts to feed our family healthy food. 
We decided that it would be best to ease into things, not trying to replace everything at once, but rather, one thing at a time.  We would eat through what was in the house, and when we ran out of something, we would replace it with a healthier option.  So, when the milk ran out, I took my first trip to Meadowwood Organic Dairy.  When the eggs ran out, I started to pick up pastured, organic eggs from the dairy, or Terry's Berries, where I had started purchasing our fresh produce.  I learned about Azure Standard, and when I shared about it with others I found a huge interest in family and friends, so I set up a drop point at my house.  We got our first drop yesterday, and I couldn't have been more pleased.  I cooked up the last of our "old" meat last night, so we're looking into local, grass-fed, organic beef and chicken next.
At times I am overwhelmed by how much in our lives needs to be changed, and then I run into times like yesterday afternoon when we were sitting at the lunch table eating chicken sandwiches on homemade bread from organic whole wheat with raw organic sharp cheddar on them and organic carrots on the side while drinking raw organic milk and I thought, "Wow, we really have come a long ways in a short time." 

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